10 Unique Features of the Masterpiece of Kelly Wearstler’s Home Design

A. Prelude

Renowned interior designer, Kelly Wearstler’s residence is a striking representation of her design ethos. This exploration dives into the distinctive features of her home, revealing the meticulous details that stand as a tribute to her design approach.

B. The Majestic Gateway

The journey into Kelly Wearstler’s dwelling begins with an entrance that radiates magnificence. The marble flooring, bedecked with audacious geometric patterns and a daring monochrome scheme, heralds the design spectacle within.

Masterpiece of Kelly Wearstler's Home Design

C. Living Room: An Ensemble of Diverse Styles

The living room showcases Kelly’s knack for harmonizing disparate design styles. Antique furniture pieces mingle with contemporary elements, creating a visually enthralling panorama. The expansive windows permit sunlight to stream in, enhancing the space’s depth and warmth.

D. Dining Room: An Ode to Lavishness

The dining room in Kelly’s house is a visual delight. A massive chandelier of handcrafted glass suspends over the dining table, casting a soft radiance on the extravagant setting below. The jade green wallpaper walls, accented with gold, exude opulence.

E. Kitchen: A Fusion of Utility and Beauty

The kitchen in Kelly’s home seamlessly blends practicality with aesthetics. Outfitted with high-end appliances and generous storage facilities, it is devised to support her gastronomic explorations. The marble countertops and backsplash impart an element of sophistication.

F. Master Bedroom: A Sanctuary of Ease

Kelly’s master bedroom serves as a refuge of comfort and calm. Luxurious furnishings, subdued lighting, and a neutral color scheme cultivate a tranquil ambiance, ideal for relaxation after an eventful day.

G. Outdoor Area: A Verdant Escape

The outdoor area extends the elegance and allure of Kelly’s home. Enclosed by lush greenery is a pool area that functions as a relaxation haven, while an outdoor dining spot facilitates dining under the open sky.

H. Art Studio: A Hub for Artistic Expression

The art studio in Kelly’s residence is the birthplace of her creative concepts. Populated with sketches, mood boards, and fabric swatches, it is a space that fosters creativity and novelty.

I. Epilogue

More than just a living space, Kelly Wearstler’s home is a vibrant demonstration of her design principles. Each room narrates a tale, every furniture piece adds personality, and each detail contributes to a space that is distinctly Kelly. This essential steps master 3D home designing tour of her home provides precious insights into her design methodology, serving as a source of inspiration for interior design enthusiasts.

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